Pregnant Dog Food

The proper care and feeding, proper care of a pregnant dog. And hopefully at this point you’ve already taken proper precautions before breeding and you are expecting this litter and want this litter. The first thing to do is to put your pregnant female on puppy food. And we want a good quality puppy food you don’t want to feed any run of the mill, over the counter brand.

You’d like to feed either Iams or Eukanuba, those are my two favorite products, Iams and Eukanuba puppy food based on the breed of the dog. And that’s so that your mom gets extra protein and extra calories, extra fat during the time she’s trying to grow puppies inside. It’s really important to not let your mom get too fat. So check with your veterinarian And you should have a pre-pregnancy examination with her weight, her temp and her vitals and then you can have one right towards the end of her pregnancy as well.

Her first exam after delivering puppies should be done at about day three after the puppies are born, and then whatever needs to be done to the puppies can be done. So for various breeds we remove due claws or dock tails, and those can all be done at day three when your mom dogs gets her overall health check up.