Picking Up Dog Poop

How to pick up dog poop and more importantly, why to pick up dog poop in your yard. First of all, the most important thing about picking up dog poop is doing it regularly and consistently. We don’t want a lot of fecal material floating around your yard or the area that your dog lives in. The reason for this is that as dogs poop, whatever is in their GI track gets pooped out. So that’s a combination of bacteria, sometimes parasites, we hope not but it can be.

And so then as your dog tromps through the yard and sniffs as he goes, he can ingest fecal material over and over and over again and re-infest himself with worms. So first of all want your dogs all on a monthly de-wormer. The most inexpensive form of de-wormer is heart worm prevention. If your dog gets heart worm prevention every month, you can be certain that there’s minimal fecal material with eggs of parasites in your yard. And secondly I want you to pick up your yard quickly so that poop doesn’t stick around and fester and wait for your dog to step in it and lick his feet or happen to ingest more eggs.

There are a couple of diseases in dogs that are spread through dog poop, and so picking up regularly and keeping the area the dog lives free of fecal material is really, really important to keeping your dog healthy.