How to Teach a Dog to Sit & Stay

How to teach a dog to sit and stay teaching your dog to sit when asked will allow you to have control over it at times of excitement For example, when you have visitors.

It’s also particularly useful for controlling your dog in potentially dangerous situations like when you need to leave your front door open. It’s a good idea to train your dog to stay when it is feeling tired since it will be more likely to want to stay in one position. Let’s start with teaching your dog to sit. Stand in front of your dog with a treat in your hand. Allow it to smell your hand then slowly move the treat over its head. This action will force your dog to lift its nose and move backwards into a sitting position.

Say “sit”. When your dog does, release the treat and praise your dog. Take it a step further with a stay command. Instruct your dog to sit, then get it to remain in the sitting position by bringing your hand down slowly towards its face. Reward your dog by bringing a treat to its level. Repeat steps 1 and 2 leaving it longer between instruction and reward each time. Your dog will eventually learn to wait for a minute or longer. At this stage, move away slightly.

Reward your dog if it stays seated.