How to remove a tick from your dog

This little patient’s a bit of a fidget so we’re going to do this pretty quickly. We’ve got a little bit of Frontline, I like to kill ticks off before I attempt their removal, some people consider this to be a bad idea, we’re just going to hold this on there for a few minutes, just to quieten this tick down a bit, some people consider this to be a bad idea because they’re a bit worried about regurgitation of the contents of the tick back into the patient and possible transfer of Lyme disease. Personally, and I’ve been doing this for 25 years, I’ve never seen that happen, but what I have seen happen is mouth parts getting left behind, so I like to kill the ticks first because if you kill the tick first, you tend to get the mouth parts out much more successfully. So we’re just going to hold that as I said in place, as I said until this tick has calmed down a little bit, and Frontline’s very effective at doing that. Ok so we’re going to switch to removing the tick, we’ve got a tick remover in our hand here, we slide that around the base of the tick, can we just take that out of the way, it’s getting in the way a little bit, so we’ve got it wrapped right under the tick, right up close to the skin, and we’re just going to untwist it until it comes away.

Ok so we can zoom in, you can just about make out the tick mouth parts down there, right next to the needle tip, not easy to see, and this tick is no longer wriggling around. As always, if having watched this video you have any questions or if you encounter any difficulties performing the procedure, then please phone or email the surgery. We’re here to personally help give you the very best advice and treatment possible for your much loved pet.