How to give a liquid medication to your dog

To ensure the safety of you and your pet, I recommend if you’ve not already done so that you first watch our Animal Handling. How you give liquid medications to dogs, a lot of medications now are available as a liquid as opposed to a tablet and this particular one is an anti-arthritis medication. So we’re just going to show you how to do that, it’s quite easy to do. A lot of these medications are actually quite palatable but just in case you happen to have a dog that doesn’t like taking them, I’m going to demonstrate how you would physically give it. So we’re just going to lift his chin up a little bit, I’ve put my thumb in behind the canines there to just open the mouth up, popped in the syringe and just drizzle a little bit in there, let him swallow, and then the same again, and let him swallow.

As always, if having watched this video you have any questions or if you encounter any difficulties performing the procedure, then please phone or email the surgery. We’re here to personally help give you the very best advice and treatment possible for your much loved pet.