How to Cure a Dog’s Bad Breath

Okay, so when we’re thinking about how to cure a dog’s bad breath you want to keep in mind that there’s two types of bad breath. There’s bad breath just because the dog has bad breath just like a lot of us do, and there’s bad breath that’s a result of a problem the dog might be having that would need a veterinarian’s attention.

So, the first thing you want to check if it’s the first time you’re noticing bad breath on the dog, sit, is you’re going to want to check its lips and its gums to make sure that they’re not a weird color or that nothing weird’s going on. You also will want to consider whether they’ve eaten something unusual that will give the dog particularly bad breath. Okay now, assuming we’ve checked out that the dog doesn’t actually have any kind of medical issue that’s causing the bad breath that would require a veterinarian’s attention what we can do is get some breath treats which will; number one, interest the dog because they taste good, but will also help to clear up that bad breath. And as you can see, she can smell it and she’s excited by it. And of course, any opportunity to make this into a training session is good too, sit, and give them the treat.

And it’s usually that easy, assuming it’s not a medical issue, to take care of most of the dog’s bad breath. The other thing to consider is also diet. If you recently switched foods and noticed the bad breath there could be something in the food that’s causing it, and something like this; a simple breath treat, will be more than enough to take care of it.