How to clip your dog’s nails

We’ve got the equipment we need ready, it’s always useful to have all the kit you need to hand, couple of different types of clipper, this is obviously for dogs with pretty big nails, we might use those on him, but usually I would sort of save those for perhaps. Labrador size or upwards, and I’ve got a small pair of clippers which are quite good for just taking points off, so we’ll have a little look-see at his nails and see which type of clipper suits him best. Just in case we hit any quicks, and occasionally we do, not very often but occasionally we do, we have got a styptic pencil and some tissue paper, just to stem any blood flow, which does happen occasionally. Ok so we’re going to have a little look-see at his nails, and you may be able to see we can see a little pink quick on this little fella because he’s got nice clear nails which does make it a little bit easier and you’ll see it appears to finish at that point, and I can tell you now that it will go down further than that, and if you trim at that level you will make them bleed So we’re just going to trim a little bit lower than that, so in this case we’re probably going to take about 3mm off this rather pointed nail.

Ok and if we just look at the cut surface we can see that we’re ok, we’ve not hit the quick, it does take a few minutes sometimes or a few seconds at least for any blood to appear, so don’t clip too many before you check what you’re doing, and if you can sometimes see a little black mark there that’s a sign you’re very close to it. There’s a good fella, well done. So we’re just going to trim the rest of them for him. Now occasionally when you’re doing this they will fidget about a bit, he’s actually been pretty good, if you get a patient that’s a bit of a fidget, it is sometimes a good idea just to put your finger at the level you want to cut, so if they move whilst you’re cutting you don’t trim something you don’t want to, so little bit like I’m doing now, is that in view, ok. That one doesn’t need doing, sometimes the back claws aren’t quite as long as the front, so we’ll have a quick look at him and take some points off of his, they’re not too bad.

You’re a good boy aren’t you? Ok now if you’re having a go at trimming nails and it’s the first time your dog’s had nails trimmed, little word of warning, some dogs as I said do get very upset, so do be very careful that first time, some dogs are much more tolerant than others and this little fella was very good.