Delivering Puppies

Delivering puppies today. It is really important that you’re prepared ahead of time for your dog to deliver puppies. And by that I mean take her temperature twice a day for at least a week before she’s due so that you know with in twelve to twenty four hours when she’s going to start delivering those puppies.

Delivery can actually take anywhere from one to two hours, to twenty four hours, so don’t be alarmed if your dog takes a little bit longer than you normally anticipate while she has her puppies. And again, if you have any problems during delivery, don’t forget to talk to your veterinarian. Call him and let him know ahead of time that you’re about to deliver a litter, and they’ll be on call and ready to answer any of your questions. As your puppies are delivered, you’re going to want to watch a couple of things. First of all, you’re going to want to make sure that the mom is actually taking care of her puppies, and by that I mean chewing the embelical chords, liking them, trying to make them go potty, trying to get them clean and dry.

If she’s not getting them dry in between delivering puppies, I’d like you to get a nice, warm towel. Have warm, dry towels, stacks of warm, dry towels available, and use those towels to buff the puppies, rub them gently to try and get them to squeek and try and get them warm and get their circulation going. That can help your mom a lot, your mom dog a lot.